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Meet William Craig Cooper- Master Plumber, President
William "Craig" Cooper has been President and CEO of CPR Plumbing since opening our doors in 2003. He has had his Texas State Journeyman's License since 1983 and received his Texas State Master's Plumbing License in 1993. Craig was former Vice President of Plumbing Operations for the Gerloff Company prior to opening CPR Plumbing. Craig has trained our licensed plumbers in the techniques of leak detection, isolation and repairs. His profound ability to locate leaks within foundations for both residential and commercial buildings alike have gained him a constant, professional. relationship with multiple Insurance Companies due to our reputable service and customer satisfaction. Craig has over 30 years in plumbing, most of which are in training staff in leak detection techniques and repairs for Insurance companies. Craig has been married for over 30 years and enjoys going to the coast and building BBQ pits in his spare time. He has 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Meet Stacey Behrend- Tunnel Supervisor and Safety Supervisor
Stacey has an extensive background in construction and schedules and directs all of our tunnel crews (plumbers, laborers and subcontractors.) Stacey has been in the construction business for over 30 years and has worked as Project Superintendent for several companies in Texas specializing in Single Family and Multi-Family construction projects. He is our #1 estimator and meets with homeowner's daily to provide them with accurate estimates for their repairs. Stacey also meets with City Inspectors on job sites, handles permits and supervises all tunnel repairs that are performed here at CPR Plumbing. Stacey attended Southwest Texas University and has a degree in Vocational Instruction and Building Trades.

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